New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators (NZIPI)

The New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators (NZIPI) was formed in 1988 by a group of New Zealand licensed private investigators committed to raising professional standards within the New Zealand private investigation industry.

NZIPI members are represented across many regions of New Zealand. NZIPI is regarded by many as the official “Industry Body” for licensed Private Investigators in New Zealand including government agencies and the PSPLA (Ministry of Justice).  As a member of the NZIPI, we pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of professional investigation services.

Current members of the NZIPI must agree to in writing that they will adhere to the highest professional standards and our Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct (set out below) and be approved as a peer by all current members prior to membership acceptance

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Obtaining the correct PI Licence

Private Investigators are required to be licensed pursuant to the PSPLA Act. It is important that when considering applying that operators or contractors obtain the correct licence for the manner in which they wish to operate. This sounds easy but NZIPI field calls from various persons enquiring if a licence holder is appropriately licensed. To assist we have prepared the

First NZIPI Life member Elected – Michael Campbell

NZIPI is proud to announce the appointment of our first ever elected Life Member, Mr Michael Campbell. Mike is a foundation member. He has served on our Executive for many years, is a former Detective Senior Sergeant with the NZ Police and a highly respected investigator. To be elected a Life Member requires over 60% vote from the members, such

Private workplace investigators may be required to have a licence

Source:   A recent case of the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority has determined that workplace investigators fall within the definition of a ‘Private Investigator’. The definition is contained in the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. This has a couple of implications for individuals or firms that are in the business of conducting workplace investigations, and