NZIPI Members – Code of Professional & Ethical Conduct

The New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators Incorporated (NZIPI) is committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct at all times.

All NZIPI Members are expected to conform to these standards of professional and ethical conduct personally and collectively in all respects. This applies to both their businesses and their employment.

These standards include their obligations and responsibilities due to their staff and clients, principals and the general public. Importantly, this also applies to their relationships with other NZIPI members who must all comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules.

Any breach of the NZIPI Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct shall render the member committing a breach liable to the disciplinary procedures of the Institute as set out in the Constitution and Rules of the NZIPI.

Complaints about a PI

Complaints against licensed private investigators and/or members of NZIPI should first be directed at the regulatory body, the Ministry of Justice (“PSPLA”) Investigation into complaints are performed by the Department of Internal Affairs.

If a complainant does wish NZIPI to be advised of a complaint against a member also, they should email We will note the complaint and either await the outcome of the PSPLA complaint process and/or consider the complaint at the same time, depending on the seriousness of the complaint, at our discretion.

NZIPI Code of Conduct

At all times in their professional work, members of the New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators (NZIPI) must adhere to the following Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.

Integrity & Professional Conduct

NZIPI members shall maintain high standards of integrity and professional conduct with fairness and honesty at all times in dealing with clients or employees, past and present, with members of the NZIPI and with the general public.

Public Interest

NZIPI members shall conduct their professional activities with respect for the public interest.


NZIPI members shall be factual and accurate when providing information about their services and the services of any company they represent. NZIPI members shall not use unlawful deceptive practices.

All marketing material and internet advertising must be factual, and no inaccurate or exaggerated claims are to be made in regard to experience, qualification, ability and or their association with other organisations.

Members may include the NZIPI logo on any internet and or marketing materials when advertising their personal NZIPI membership, but they shall not represent this membership as a form of professional qualification or formal training.

Members shall not advertise in a manner that is vague or confusing in purporting that their membership is anything other than individual to them and not aligned with any business they are associated with.


NZIPI members shall promptly and fully respond to the executive, any inquiries or requests for information and documentation deemed relevant at the sole discretion of the executive, by the executive, over any complaint made against them by any party.

NZIPI members shall provide to the executive, upon request by the Executive, complete details about the cost, restrictions and other terms and conditions of any products or services sold, including cancellation and service fee policies.

NZIPI members shall not maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients or other members.

Confidentiality / Conflict of Interest / Compliance

NZIPI members shall not use improperly obtained client lists or other confidential information.

NZIPI members shall treat every client transaction confidentially and not disclose any information without permission of the client, unless required by law.

NZIPI members shall not allow any preferred relationship with another member to interfere with the interests of their clients.

NZIPI members shall abide by the NZIPI Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, the NZIPI Rules and Constitution and all New Zealand laws and regulations..”

This assures you that our members are committed to the highest standard of professionalism.