Obtaining the correct PI Licence

9 September 2021

Private Investigators are required to be licensed pursuant to the PSPLA Act.

It is important that when considering applying that operators or contractors obtain the correct licence for the manner in which they wish to operate. This sounds easy but NZIPI field calls from various persons enquiring if a licence holder is appropriately licensed. To assist we have prepared the attached chart that sets out the process and forms.

In effect there are three streams;

  1. Obtaining an individual PI licence – meaning the licence holder can seek clients and employ other licensed investigators or contractors. (if you are going be using a trading name other than your own name, you must first obtain approval to use that name – but you cannot operate using a limited liability company)
  2. Obtaining a company licence if business is being conducted using a Limited liability company as a vessel. (Every director must complete the necessary forms and every director performing PI work must also obtain a COA)
  3. Obtaining a Certificate of Approval if a person is only ever going to work for a licence holder as a contractor or staff member. (you cannot seek clients or do work other than for a licence holder)

Each has it’s merits and each has some hooks.

PSPLA Licence chart for Private Investigators

Here is a link to the PSPLA website https://www.justice.govt.nz/tribunals/licences-certificates/pspla/