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        1. I authorize any person and or organisation or authority to disclose to the executive of the NZIPI any and all information concerning my work experience, background, character or otherwise and I authorise the NZIPI to collect such information from these persons. A photocopy or an electronic copy of this authorisation shall be as valid as the original.
        2. I authorise the NZIPI executive to disclose any information collected from me to any relevant third party, including any Solicitor or Barrister engaged by the NZIPI, my previous employers, or any other authority for the purposes described above under section A ‘STATEMENT OF DISCLOSURE’.
        3. I have read and understood the information in this application for membership including the section above relating to the Privacy Act 1993.
        4. I declare that all information provided by me relating to this application for membership of the NZIPI is true and correct and no material information has been withheld.
        5. I acknowledge that should my application for membership be approved by the NZIPI, I agree to abide by the Rules set out in the Code of Conduct, the constitution and the objectives of the Institute.
        6. I acknowledge should I be granted membership; the term of membership is for a period of one year and that at the conclusion of that term I am required by the rules to reapply for a further one-year term.
        7. I consent to the NZIPI making a credit enquiry with their selected credit reference provider on my name as a part of the application process.Note:   If you are known to an existing member of the NZIPI please identify that person in order for the NZIPI executive to make their further enquiries. Note:   Please also provide one referee who can attest to your background, experience and or character and on one A4 page could you set out a chronological biography about yourself.
      To be eligible for NZIPI membership you must hold either
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        1. If you are actively marketing your services to the public via public media, an internet based website or other electronic means, please attach copies of that advertising and or provide the electronic links to that marketing.   Please note the Executive is unlikely to approve any application for membership where there is evidence of an applicant making exaggerated and or untrue marketing claims as to experience, abilities, skill base or scale of their business operation.
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      Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 1 MB.

        Our annual subscription is $200 which is payable when you receive advice that your application for membership is successful.

        If you are a first-time applicant when you submit your application, you are required to pay a one-time non-refundable processing fee of $50.  If your initial application isn’t successful and you reapply some time later no processing fee is charged for the subsequent application.

        If payment is by cheque please make payable to the NZIPI and if making electronic payment, our account is with Westpac 03 – 0179 – 0199629 – 00

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