Role of NZIPI

Members of the public and potential clients of a member are reminded that membership of the Institute is not compulsory for licensed private investigators. Investigators opting to join NZIPI are making a decision to adhere to a code of Conduct. NZIPI is a professional body not the regulatory body.

NZIPI does not endorse a business

NZIPI must remain independent of our members various service. NZIPI does not and cannot endorse a members business. Client’s wishing to employ a members service should perform their own due diligence and reference checks beforehand.

Not all licensed PI’s are the same

The PSPLA has now ruled that some other professions offering investigative services must hold a private investigators licence. This has meant that members of NZIPI can now belong to a variety of service groups such as general PI’s (mostly former police), employment specialists, forensic accountants and workplace investigators. This only serves to reinforce that potential client’s need to do their own research to determine if the licensed private investigator they are contemplating employing, has the necessary and relevant current experience and credentials to perform the task required. NZIPI are currently working on specialist groups within the Institute to further assist clients.

That said, if you are contemplating engaging a licensed private investigator in New Zealand, choosing a member of NZIPI who has adopted our Code of Professional & Ethical Conduct  should be your first consideration.

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