Due to the recent decision by the PSPLA [2020] NZPSLA 007 that Employment Investigators are required to hold a PI licence, during 2021 the NZIPI Executive working group performed a complete review of our membership rules. At our recent AGM in November, our new rules were adopted and are currently being lodged with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

Two main points adopted were:

  • Our name has reverted back to The New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators Inc.
  • Only licensed PI’s can apply for membership of NZIPI.

Membership for you

Please Note: There is no corporate or company NZIPI membership available, only individual NZIPI membership.

NZIPI will not promote any one entity or investigator and will at all time remain unbiased.  Our rules are specific as to the criteria for NZIPI membership:

Our rules

 Our rules are specific as to the criteria for NZIPI membership:

The NZIPI is a Professional Institute for licensed private investigators who are engaged in a full-time occupational capacity.

Being engaged in or having experience in occupations that do not require PSPLA (New Zealand Ministry of Justice) Private investigator licensing, typically such as process serving, tracing, debt collection and repossessions is not a sufficient threshold for membership of the NZIPI.

We have alternatives for certain individuals, such as the director of Information Logistics which is a subscriber only service that searches the phone numbers of classified advertisers in most newspapers and other publications.

Apply for membership

You can apply online here.